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MHS Parent/Student Updates

4th QTR Grades

Sent 5.1.20

Dear Parents and Students,


The lives of our students and families have been turned completely upside down during the COVID-19 crisis.  We recognize the challenges that have faced all of you and hope that you are doing well.  Distance learning has also presented many challenges for students, parents, and teachers as everyone has needed to learn a new format of presenting education. 

As we review the benefits and challenges of distance learning, we also must recognize the degree to which our expectations for learning and attendance have changed.  These expectations are not the same as we held prior to the closure of schools.  Teachers have tried their best to reach out to our students to ensure that their educational needs are being met.  Teachers and administrators have called students, emailed, and contacted students and parents using conferences on Canvas as we truly care about our students and their educational progress. 

Many people have been wondering exactly how we will be assessing student work and determining grades for quarter four and for the semester.  The following is a guideline that has been researched and adopted by the school for this spring.


a.     Quarter 4 grades will be determined by the teacher based on a student’s engagement, participation, and completion of the work assigned.  The final determination will be at the discretion of the teacher.


b.     Students with a passing 3rd quarter grade may receive a passing grade for the semester provided they are attempting to participate, engage, and complete the work assigned to them by their teachers.  The final grade will be determined by the teacher as they take into consideration a student’s effort in opportunity learning.  Final semester grades may be higher than 3rd quarter grades if students have proven proficiency and earned a higher mark,  Alternatively, final semester grades may be reduced by no more than one letter grade for students that have not fully engaged, participated, or completed work for classes. 


c.     Students that received a failing grade for 3rd quarter in a class have the opportunity to still pass a course provided that they are attempting to participate, engage, and complete the work assigned to them by their teachers.  It is important that students communicate and work with their teachers to meet learning objectives.  Final semester grades will be at the discretion of the teacher.


d.     Students that do not meet the expectations to receive a passing grade will not receive an “F” for a final grade but will be given an “I” (incomplete).  This will not count against the student’s GPA nor will it provide the student with a credit for the course as it is similar to a withdrawal.  We do not want the course affecting student’s overall GPA during this challenging time.  Once a student retakes the course the “I” will be replaced with the passing grade and credit will be granted.


In closing, our teachers and administrators will continue to work with students to meet their educational needs while working to finalize their end of the year grades.  We are asking that all student work is completed by Friday, May 15.  If there are circumstances that we are not aware of that have hindered the student’s ability to complete class expectations, we ask that you contact an administrator as these will be looked at on a case by case basis.



Mark G. Andresen

Principal, MHS




MHS Update

Sent 4.7.20

MHS Junior/Senior Families,

We know that the unexpected closure of our schools and the suspension of spring activities has not been easy for our students and their families. Please know that our intention is to host High School Graduation if the Governor lifts the Executive Order mandating the school closures and the CDCs guidelines of social distancing.

Cap & Gown Pickup – Seniors, please plan to pick up your cap and gown on Thursday, April 16th from, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm in the east loop by the Gymnasium. Students or parents can pull into the drop off loop and will meet a Josten’s Representative who will give them their order. If payment is still due, please have your payment ready. Please do not leave your vehicle during pickup. Everyone is expected to be mindful of the social distancing guidelines.

Prom & Senior Awards Day - Our intentions are to host both of these events provided they can be completed by the last scheduled day of school. We are committed to making a final decision about Prom at least two weeks prior to the event. This would allow families to plan and allow MHS to secure a DJ and decorate. Both of these events will be contingent upon the Governor’s Executive Order.

Graduation – Please know we intend to host this event, even if it would be necessary to conduct in June or July, as it is an essential event celebrating our Seniors’ achievements. Hosting this event in May hinges on the Governor lifting the Executive Order limiting the size of social gatherings. If the social distancing guidelines are not lifted, we will need to look at adjusting the graduation date. We are committed to making a final decision the first week of May.

We continue to remain hopeful that we will return to normal activities by the end of the school year. Thank you for your continued support and patience as we navigate our new normal.

MHS Administration

message to parents

Sent 3.30.20

MHS Parents, 

We understand this is a challenging time for all of us, and we appreciate your patience and commitment to continuing your student's education. Over this past weekend, the Governor and ND DPI approved the district's online learning plan, and we are excited to continue to provide learning opportunities for your student.  Canvas will be used to virtually interact with our students until school resumes.  

Distance Learning Recommendations: 

  • MHS Teachers will continue to offer students learning opportunities daily/weekly through Canvas, which can be accessed on their student issued iPad. Students should budget about 90 minutes per day working on these assignments.   
  • It is recommended that parents also spend time daily collaborating with their students to ensure that they complete these tasks.  
  • Parents can sign up to receive Canvas notifications from their student's teachers. Additional information on the parent's canvas portal can be found here:   
  • Teachers will continue to develop lessons and attempt to conference, email, or visit with students personally while they monitor student progress and address any learning gaps.   


  • During this extended closure, learning opportunities are critical to a student’s continued academic growth.  Attendance will be monitored by teachers through student logins and in synchronous (students & teachers online together) learning experiences.   
  • Teachers will contact guardians to seek input and assist as needed to ensure student participation.  

Tech and Family Support: 

  • We have established a Family Support Line and Tech Line for families in need.   
  • The Family support Line will be available from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Friday.  For support with mental health, food, or shelter call 701-390-9103  
  • For questions about Canvas or how to support technology needs please call the technology support line at 701-751-6600 or submit a ticket online at https://mandansd1.on. 
  • We will continue to offer school guidance counseling lessons, advise students on college/career and promote scholarship opportunities using canvas.   

For any additional questions or concerns please contact the school at 751-6501 between 9:00 am to 10:00 am each weekday.  Please leave a message if we are unable to answer your call.   


3/19 Message to MHS Students

MHS Students,

These have been extraordinary times.  We hope your time at home has not been to stressful.  Here is some information we felt each of you should know.

Schools Closed - School building are closed all next week, March 23-27. 

Virtual Learning - Be looking in Canvas and your school email for information on class assignments and projects.  School is running and will be done online.  It is your educational responsibility to be in contact with your teachers and complete the needed materials so you can receive a passing grade and credit for your courses.  All Q3 materials are due on or before March 27. MHS will have a drop box by the office to get materials to teachers.  The school will be open from 8:00 am - 10:00 am daily.

Seniors - scholarship materials can be obtained by sending an email request or a simple picture of the form if a signature or information needs to be filled in by the school. We will get the requests taken care of for you.  

Technology - If your iPad is at school, contact the school.  MMS students watch your email for instructions when to pickup your iPad.   If you do not have internet access at home we recommend: finding a friend with wifi, a community hotspot, or calling our Tech Helpdesk for support.

Tech Helpdesk - The technology department has set up a couple of methods to assist students and parents when technology issues arise.  The phone number 751-6600 has been set up for s technology helpdesk.  The phone number may be unmanned, please leave a message if necessary. 

Students/parents may also use the helpdesk ticket submission system at  The helpdesk will be available during normal business hours, 7:30am – 4:30pm, but will not be manned.

Be safe.  Take the necessary steps to stay healthy and please contact your teacher if you need help.

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